Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wednesday's Wanderings #14 - SPRING

Spring has sprung in Pennsylvania! 
 I drove into my neighborhood the other day
 and WOW! all of a sudden there was this profusion of color.

After quilting the background, I fused the tree and free motion stitched up the trunk and branches
 and formed the smaller branches with a free motion foot.
I used a decorative thread (Wonderfil's Dazzle) to add the colorful flowers
 to the branches using french knots.
The other day I was driving down my street and I saw the strangest sight.  There were 3 crows walking single file down the cross street.  I wished I had my camera, but I didn't.  So I had to put the crows on this block.
I used rubber stamps to add  "Spring".  I wished I had used another color ink, other than black.  So I washed them out and made my own letters from polymer clay.  They looked much better.
 I inserted a headpin that jewelry makers use so that I could tie the letters onto the block before I baked it.

And here's a very special photo.

This photo was taken at the bridal shower (a tea party) for my future daughter-in-law.  I couldn't resist buying her a sewing machine.  A gently used Bernina.  Welcome to the club Loren.  I hope we spend many hours of quilting together.


  1. Love the tree with the 'blossoms' and the background. cute birds......

  2. Wow! Awesome spring color. I'm loving your quilted version of spring.

  3. Love your block, very springy! So glad Loren liked the sewing machine, what a fabulous present to get!!!

  4. I LOVE your photos Cheryl! The trees and shrubs are just beautiful! Your block is just perfect and I love that you have such great photos of how you did it - even changing the "Spring"! You are such a great teacher. What a great mother-in-law gifting a Bernina to your lovely future daughter-in-law. I see a lot of sewing fun in your future together!

  5. That is one beautiful block Cheryl! I love it! Yes, spring has sprung in PA!!!!

  6. I love your spring quilt and the photos! How great to have a chance to bond with your future DIL!!!

  7. looooove the trees. i want to BE there! fantastic quilting

  8. You absolutely captured that feeling of spring. Here in Israel the orange blossoms are just coming out and we're getting that "air freshener" smell that I absolutely love. I wait eagerly for your Wednesday Wanderings! Keep keeping us entertained!


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