Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday's Wanderings #36 - New York Beauty

New York Beauty

I always look forward to going to New York City. 
 I grew up on Long Island and often took the train into "the city" to hang out, meet boys and shop.  It's too far for me to drive now and quite frankly, I think you need your head examined to compete with the taxi cabs.  I'm not sure they have brakes and I know they don't have turn signals.  LOL

A few years ago, I discovered the Bolt Bus.  It is a wonderful way to travel from Philly to Manhattan for not a lot of money.  Do you remember the slogan - something like "leave the driving to us"? That's what I do.  Plus there's Wifi on the bus.  I either sew or read or do Internet stuff.

Yesterday I met my friend Angela in NYC.  I met her a few years ago at a Pro Chem fabric dyeing workshop and we have kept in touch.  She lives in CT and she knows how to get around, especially on the subway.  I just follow her like a little puppy dog.  The 911 Memorial and a little shopping and good eats were on our agenda.

The Chrysler building is one of the more famous and identifiable buildings.  If you are a quilter, does the architecture on the upper levels of the building remind you of anything?

They remind me of the New York Beauty quilt block.  Was this block designed based on this New York skyscraper?  I thought maybe.

I did a little research.  The Chrysler Building opened for business in 1930 and was the tallest structure in NYC until the Empire State Building opened 11 months later.  The NY Beauty block was previously called "Rocky Mountain" and  first showed up in quilts in 1850.  Mountain Mist then renamed it as New York Beauty and published it in 1930.  Coincidence? or not?

If you want to give it a try Ivory Spring, has a pattern on her blog called "Sausalito" and a link for some really great directions using this new fabric from Timeless Treasures, with lots of photos for easy to follow how to's.

Or does it remind you of the crown on the Statue of Liberty?

Not the real one, LOL!!
We did manage to squeeze in a little bit of shopping.  I steered clear of buying fabric, but  when it came to the bead shops, and there are many.  Here are a few of my treasures including this little tool I bought for measuring the size of beads :

"Made with Love" charms- I can't wait to put one of these on one of my embellished beauties

This is the first time I have seen sequins with a pattern.  Had to buy some.

And these charms would look great hanging off the bottom of something.
This is the charm I bought that I attached to my block.
I decided to turn my New York Beauty block into a little gift for Angela - a pincushion. 
 Surprise! (She's camera shy.)

Sometimes you see quilt patterns in the strangest places.



  1. I never thought of it that way, but it does resemble the NY Beauty, a favorite block of mine. You did a wonderful job of recreating the Chrysler Building.

  2. In my youth, I lived in NYC and from my window I had an unobstructive view of that building. It was and remains my favorite. When I first saw a New York Beauty block in my early quilting day I had no problem connecting the two.

  3. In my youth, I lived in NYC and from my window I had an unobstructive view of that building. It was and remains my favorite. When I first saw a New York Beauty block in my early quilting day I had no problem connecting the two.

  4. You do get around Cheryl! Very fun post. We almost went on Sunday and decided against it and just hang out at home. Shail left today. I guess it is time to get back to quilting and sewing. Love your block for this week.

  5. I loved this post! My daughter lives in NYC with her husband and two adorable sons...and we visit as often as we can. Can you tell me which bead shops you visited ...or was it a random walk through the fabric district? I love to explore when we are there. THANKS.

  6. Very interesting and apt connection!

  7. Very interesting and apt connection!

  8. Great post! Love all those little treasures you found. Your "New-York-State-of-Mind" piece is wonderful. Do you visit Mood? Project Runway has made me want to go there and spend an afternoon. By the way, I won your terrific book "Sew Embellished!" on SewCalGal's blog. I love it... and the little bag of goodies to make the pin, too. Thanks so much. I'll put a post about it on my blog soon, and link to yours and hers. Just did one on prayer flags, and your methods will be useful in making more of them, too.

  9. I'd always thought the building came first, thanks.

    Nice seeing you again last night at our guild meeting. I've been reading your embellished book this morning whilst I wait for programs to run on my computer! :)

    My Blog:

  10. Love your post! I don't remember seeing the Chrysler Building when I went to NYC last month - need to keep my eyes peeled next time! :)

  11. Love your block. Always liked the Chrysler building but never realized that the arches looked like New York Beauty until I saw your block. I saw the curves but not the spikes. It's neat to see it a new way. I always thought New York Beauty represented the crown on the Statue of Liberty but with your research it sounds like you are on to something.

    Your new triangle charms remind me of the flags that decorated Roger and Lauren's wedding.

    Glad you had such a nice trip to NY and thanks for sharing it.


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