Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday's Wanderings #53 - Sasha and Addison

I spent most of the last week in Chandler, Arizona.  It is just outside of Phoenix.  My brother lives out there with his wife.  His 2 grown daughters and their families live there too.  I flew out there for a visit and to mainly help my niece who had twin girls not too long ago.

They are identical twins, but Sasha is considerably larger than Addison.  They are tiny little miracles.  They were born at 31 weeks and were teeny tiny.  One was a little less than 3 lbs and the other was a bit over 3 lbs. They were in the hospital a long time before they were allowed to go home.

In addition to these girls, my niece has 2 boys that are 4 and 6. 
Yes, that is 4 children under the age of 6.

I was busy, busy, busy trying to be helpful.  I had the joy of feeding these 2 little girls, changing their diapers, changing their clothes and even taking them for a walk.

Oh that was fun!

My block this week was inspired by the photos of Anne Geddes.  She is a wonderful photographer who poses babies in whimsical  settings.

I printed the twins faces on fabric and placed them in the center of the flower
 and outlined them with a ring of yellow fabric
stitched down with a blanket stitch.
(Aren't they adorable?)
The faces/flower babies were "planted" in a pot.

I added their names stitching by hand using a backstitch and Dazzle,
 a 12 wt rayon/metallic thread from Wonderfil Specialty Threads.

It was 5 days of family time and reconnecting with my other niece and her 2 children too. 
It is so heartwarming and easy to be with this gang of people that are my family,
 but live way too far away. 


  1. All 4 of them are so cute! You need to get some of your own!!

  2. Too cute! How do you tell the faces apart?

    1. I can only tell them apart by their clothes. Once their clothes are changed, I am clueless!

  3. How fun to spend time with your family and be able to help out.
    Love your piece for the girls, and the boys are so cute, love that red hair.


  4. Adorable! That must have been a great time!


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