Monday, December 3, 2012

The Most Adorable Keepsake Quilt

Adorable, but maybe impractical.
A friend came to visit today.  Dina brought 2 quilts that she wanted to show me. 
 I couldn't wait and I wasn't disappointed.
One of them was a chuppah that her Aunt made for her wedding.  It was waaaay too big to photograph.  Her Aunt sent out squares of fabric to friends and family and they personalized them.  That has been done before, but  the unique part was that the friends and famed out a sheet of paper with the whys and how they made their blocks. Dina's Aunt made it into a book.  That was very nice.
But the best quilt was this:
Those are all things worn by her daughter, Miriam - dresses, hats, bibs, onesies and even booties.
Some cut in half and stitched down.
A bathing suit

And this adorable child in it.
And look at some of the other blocks:

I think it's a great keepsake.
But... it has not been used or washed. Practical?
What do you think?


  1. I think it is very practical. All of those things have to have been washed in the past, so I don't see why they wouldn't wash well on that quilt. I love it!!

  2. Probably not practical...but still wonderful! I love the idea! Many quilts cannot be washed...although they are usually wall hangings.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Totally adorable! Impractical? Who cares when there are so many memories stitched in one place?
    I think it's precious!

  4. Very awesome idea, it must weigh a ton. This little girl will love it when she is older too!

  5. Not sure about practical, but it is adorable and would be nice for her little girl, someday.


  6. Does weigh a ton but Miriam likes to show it to people - she calls it her "baby clothes". She is 3.

  7. It does weigh a ton but Miriam loves to show people her "baby clothes" - she is 3!


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