Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Friend/New Shop

My morning started with my annual mammogram.  Arghhh!
But my afternoon was wonderful. I drove to The Round Bobbin with my friend Linda to meet a new friend that I met on-line.  Now I know that sounds kind of creepy, but here's the story.

Back on September 6th, the theme of my Wednesday's Wanderings was my birthday.  Since I love cake, I made myself this whimsical cake.

I made one for my WW and one to give away on  to celebrate. 
 Judi won the giveaway and I was so happy that she did. 
 She told me that it would be wonderful to win and it would cheer her up
because she lost her son on 9/11. 
 So I was so thrilled when she was chosen using a random number generator, but here's the rub.
I couldn't get in touch with her because she was a NO REPLY COMMENT BLOGGER!!!
I then pinned the piece to my design wall to enjoy myself. 

Then a few weeks ago Judi's name surfaced as she left a comment on one of the computer lists to which I subscribe., and it said Judi from PA.  Hey, I'm from PA! I e-mailed Judi and it turns out she lives not far from me. I was so excited and knew I had to get this piece to her.
What's better then to meet a new friend at a new quilt shop that is located halfway between us.

That's the story behind my meeting a stranger that I connected with on the internet.
Now that stranger is my friend.  We have so much in common and couldn't stop talking.

Some projects from Sew Embellished!

A wall of fabric!

On the far wall are bolts of batiks.

View when you enter

This section of the store is all about wool with lots of patterns by Gretchen Gibbons.
If you like her book, Pennies From Heaven, you would have a field day here.

One of her wool projects that is available as a kit.
Yay for quilting and beautiful fabric and new friends.
Nothing could be better - especially after a mammogram.


  1. That is wonderful that you could find her and meet up with her.
    Love that last quilt, the border is really stunning and unique fabric.


  2. nice post! sweet story. where is Round Bobbin?

  3. oops...I see: Ambler

  4. We have to visit this place! What a beautiful shop!
    Glade you found Judi and hand delivered the WW quilt. That bright smile just cheered me up!


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