Friday, November 9, 2012


It was a cold and nasty day. 
Perfect for baking.
This doesn't happen to me that often.  But ever since I have been following this blog called
 Two Peas and Their Pod, I have been motivated to cook. The photography is unbelievably gorgeous. 
Maria and Josh are parents of the cutest little boy and oh wow can they cook.  My favorite post was 50 Pumpkin Recipes for Fall.  You can see the list of pumpkin recipes if you click here.  
The photos look even more beautiful when they show up on Flipboard.  I have Flipboard on my iPad and it is set up with blogs of my choosing.  There is a photo from the most recent blog post and you turn the "pages" like it is a magazine.
All of the photos look so artistic.
This is the "front" page of my Flipboard. '
 The photo from my most recent blog post is on the bottom left.
Does it look familiar?
I thought the photo that showed up on Flipboard was the first photo from the blog post, but I soon learned this was not the case.  I never know which photo will be chosen. 
So the photo from Two Peas And Their Pod that really caught my eye was the one for
Nutella Drop Biscuits.
You can find the recipe at Two Peas And Their Pod
Make sure you have Nutella and buttermilk on hand. 
And you just have to read their take on the temptations of this yummy chocolate  hazelnut spread.
And the biscuits?  OMG!  Just delicious.  It does not do justice to these yummy treats to call them biscuits.  When you break off a piece, it separates on a vein of luscious chocolate. 
Biscuits?  No! 
And the winner of the Elm Creek Quilters newest book is Lisa Cox.


  1. Grew up with Nutella, became the big treat when going to Europe. Hurray, hurray, when it became available in the USA...

  2. Grew up with Nutella... Used to get my fix every visit in Europe. It was a happy day when it came on the U.S. market!


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