Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wednesday's Wanderings #46 - Sandy

Last week we were in Key West with a scheduled flight home on Tuesday. 
But Tuesday Hurricane Sandy visited the Mid-Atlantic states, our home.

We made a pre-emptive strike and changed our flight on Sunday. 
This was a good thing because they closed the Philadelphia airport.

We were forced to stay an extra 2 days in Florida.  Don't cry for me!
This was part of the yin and the yang. 
 I was in a beautiful sunny place, but my family and home
and Bailey were going to be in the middle of the hurricane. 

There was a happy ending for us. 
We lost power for 2 days, but no damage to my home. 
The house was warm and the power was on wen we arrived home.
We were lucky. Some were not so lucky.

I grew up on Long Island. 
 In high school, my friends and I spent the summers at the beach.
My heart aches.

I just signed up to make blocks for Hurricane Sandy quilts through Quilting Gallery.
Join me? Click Here.


  1. Love seeing your pieces commemorating events in your week.
    We made out well, just a tree on a fence but our power stayed on.
    My parents were from long island, so I spend my summers there when I was young, would love to go back to visit, but have heard it has changed a lot. My relatives live in the Ammagansett and Springs areas.


  2. I think your block really says it all!
    It is so sad how bad they were hit.


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