Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday's Wanderings #45 -Fantasy Fest

Finally, I am back on track!  Hopefully.
My WW from 2 weeks ago needed to commemorate our trip to Key West.

Fantasy Fest in Key West is not just about the costumes and parades. 
 It's about the beads.
They throw the beads from the rooftops, from the balconies and from the floats.

People clamor for the beads.
I got my fair share while still remaining a lady!

To create this block,
I chose to use a photo I had taken of  people throwing beads from a balcony 
 and use it as my "foundation" for construction. 
I cropped and printed the photo on fabric.  Printing the photo on fabric accomplished 2 things.  It provided realism and relieved me of having to construct tiny little people!

To make it look more like a fabric block than a photo,
 I fused and blanket stitched yellow fabric over the railing

Then I zig zag stitched over the vertical staves.

Then I added the large vertical posts.

And finished by covering the rest of the wood.
You can still see the people.

The next step was to add the hands reaching to catch the beads.
  It was important to me that the hands be of many colors. 
One of my favorite things about Key West is its diversity. 
 There are young people, old people, straight people, gay people,
and people of many different ethnicities. 

This is the first "layer of hands"

One of my favorite parts of quilting is blanket stitching around appliques.
I could do it all day.

I used some of the beads that I snagged during the parades.
They are a little out of scale, but I wanted the actual beads on my block.

This is a block that will definitely remind me of that crazy week.
It's a week I will never forget.


  1. That is a really creative piece, love it. What type of fabric do you use and do you do anything special? I bought some printer fabric, but it was stiff.


  2. This is a very way cool piece, and I've learned a lot from it. The balcony overlay with a print fabric is brilliant! And I also liked that you integrated the photo (and avoided appliqueing tiny people!)
    The finished piece is a wonderful Key West remembrance. If I made something like this, I'd probably be tempted to ungapatchke it by dripping all the leftover beads from the bottom, along the sides, etc.....

  3. Too absolutely CUTE! I had to stop myself from reaching up for the beads! LOL

  4. This is a wonderful way to use a photograph and embellish it with thread and fabric. Thanks for the great lesson.

  5. This is a wonderful way to use a photograph and embellish it with thread and fabric. Thanks for the great lesson.

  6. I love the part " you got your beads but remained a lady"!
    Love how you did the railing, great idea.

  7. It's a very clever technique. A great way to incorporate something that would be otherwise complicated and make it into a unique creation. Love it!


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