Thursday, July 18, 2013

License To Sew

How cute is this?
 I made it today using the fabric license plate that I bought at Miller's Quilt Shop in Lancaster during our fabric shopping trip on Tuesday. At first I wasn't going to buy one, but I am sure glad I changed my mind.
I am so tempted to make it my mission to start collecting them from other shops participating in the Row By Row Fabric Shop Hop. Each of them are different.  However, not every shop offers them and with the price of gas, I am hesitant to take off on a road trip, and come home empty handed.

I visited another shop hop quilt shop today- Steve's Sewing Vacuum Quilting in King of Prussia, PA.  I was going to take my friend Kathy to Longwood Gardens, but the almost 100 degree weather concerned me.  Outdoors was not a good place to be.  This is what we found at Steve's - our very own beach!

 This is the Row By Row Shop Hop offering from Steve's. 
If you don't want to make a quilt, their row by row would make a lovely tablerunner. 
There were kits in 2 different colorways, at a great price of $5.00 each.
 I bought the orange with the black and white.

And the reason I went to Steve's?
I bought myself a new family member.
Welcome home Baby Loc.


  1. I'm loving your new license plate clutch. So cute. and the beach scene at the quilt shop is adorable. The only thing missing is the wading pool. Stay cool in this awful heat.

  2. Way cute pouch! I am going to make mine today, hopefully!
    I love my serger!!!! You are going to love yours, too!
    I can't wait to see how you use it in amazingly creative ways!

  3. Love your new serger!! Is that the one with the cool puff of air that threads itself? SO jealous!!! I love your little pouch! Thanks for letting me know about the Row By Row shop hop - I put it in the CC Newsletter and credited you!


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