Monday, July 22, 2013

We Love Pinterest

Many months ago, I received a text from my pregnant DIL.  She had seen something very cool on Pinterest - a book wall! She sent me the photo and wanted to know if the future grandfather, aka my DH, could make one for her.
It was installed this weekend.
It was perfect.
The whole room looks just adorable. 
And check out these Tom's baby shoes she received from one of her childhood friends.

A couple of hours after we left, I received this photo.
She received all those wonderful books from her Philly and CT baby showers.
She is looking forward to many hours of sharing all these books with her baby .


  1. The book wall looks great! How are the shelves attached to the wall?

  2. As a kindergarten reading teacher, I am thrilled your DIL knows the importance of reading to her baby from birth on. Some moms even read to them in the womb! Studies show that children who are read to often excel in many ways. Not to mention that wonderful bond between mother and child.

    Love it!

  3. That book wall is sooooooo neat! Help me to remember when I need to know know what I mean!


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