Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The View Out My Window

We are all housebound here in the Philadelphia area. Snowed in. The snow is falling in big fat juicey flakes. It is only December 10th and we have already had more snow so far this winter than we had all of last winter.

This is the view I see while I am sitting at my sewing machine looking out of the window in my studio. Pretty, isn't it?

It is pretty when everyone you love is in their homes and safe and drinking hot cocoa and sewing or watching movies or baking cookies. But when family and friends are out there, and the roads become icy, it becomes stressful and worrisome.

I am Key West dreaming - packing my fabric and getting ready to go where I can wear shorts and sandals and ride my bike and not get behind the wheel of a car for 2 months. Now that is truly beautiful.



  1. You can pick me up on the way down, lol.
    We are finally getting snow, but at the most, 3".

    I think I need to save some winter vacation time so we can head south in the winter and enjoy some paddling and biking.


  2. Pretty picture! Hope you had a nice day sewing and dreaming and that everyone made it home safe and sound!

  3. I'm Key West dreaming too. Dreaming being the important word.

  4. Have fun! Florida in the winter time is just wonderful.


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