Sunday, December 1, 2013

NYC Part I

My hubby and I spent a weekend in New York City. We met some cousins for dinner, shopped for silk (of course), checked out the Christmas Windows and visited The American Folk Art Museum and generally walked our feet off.

The AFAM is a meer shadow of its former self. Due to lack of funding, it closed its doors at its primary location. There is now a small exhibit space near Lincoln Center. Currently there is an exhibit of alternative quilts by 3 artists.

The artist and her quilts that really fascinated me was Sabrina Gschwandtner. Her quilts are created from 16mm film discarded by The Fashion Institute of Technology. The film strips date from the 1950's to the 1980's and were predominantly industrial documentaries pertaining to the textile industry.

She based her quilt construction on the traditional log cabin pattern that focuses on light and dark.

She sorted them and sewed them together. Each of her "quilts" were backlit and really glowed. It made them magical.

The "quilts" had an appealing fluid appearance attributed to the rippling effect from the stitching.

You could actually see some of the images on the film.

This was such a great marriage of subject matter and technique.

I took lots of photos of the windows plus inspiration photos- to be shared soon.




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