Friday, November 29, 2013

Changing It Up

This was my son and his wife's first year in their house. They wanted to host Thanksgiving dinner, and I would never turn down a meal that someone else cooks!
We were not surprised at all when they told us they were going to fry the turkey. This couple loves adventures. It was a first for us all.
My son was an Eagle Scout, so I knew he was in charge of the turkey when I pulled into their driveway and saw a fire extinguisher sitting there along with the fryer and a few chairs.
The first step was the heating of the oil.
We all stood and watched the lowering of the bird.
40 minutes and done. The house did not burn down and the turkey was delish. Success!
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by the live of your family.


  1. It was nice that they could have the dinner at their new home.
    I would love to try friend turkey, what is the taste difference than oven baked?


  2. Glad your Thanksgiving worked out and the "fried" bird did too. I've yet to fry a Turkey, but I do recall the first time I attended an event with deep fried turkey I was nervous. It really is yummy and not oily either. Just a little dangerous if someone isn't watching the fryer. Glad your son was doing it outside. Although it cracks me up to see him so bundled up. Very nice of him to do this outside, when it was probably freezing.



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