Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's A Great Day!

I have had a great relationship with The Quilt Show ever since I traveled to Colorado to tape a show about my Mexican tile quilts and my book !Quilt Fiesta! I am always happy to work with them and their partner The Quilt Life magazine. They approached me last summer about doing a classroom series. I love making my freestanding fabric books and have never before shared how I make them, so I said I would do it if that was the subject.

I created a book called Dutch Wonderland, about my Bike & Barge trip to Holland (I know it's small but I can't seem to make it bigger) to share my techniques. It was a time consuming process since I had to make multiple copies of the steps along the way to demo. My dear friend Nancy Humphreys spent the day videoing me. (Hubby and I decided we needed an impartial videographer.) Nancy is the most patient and kind friend that I have. Imagine having to do retakes and listening to me say the same thing multiple times and watching my goof ups for hours on end. Thank you Nancy.

I am thrilled to be able to share this link with you:


It gives you free access to view my first class in a series of 6 classes. During this class I share a bunch of books that I have created. The next 4 classes are about how I made the pages and during the last class I share how I turn the pages into a book.


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  1. Wow Cheryl! What a nice thing to say! You are a treasured friend, and I was happy to be your videographer. You did the hard part, and I don't remember you making many mistakes at all - you did a great job! You are an excellent teacher and I know people will enjoy and learn a lot from your classes. Happy it all worked out, and let me know if I can be of any help in the future.


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