Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Settling In

As I sit here in Key West, I think about my friends and family up North who have been through a crazy winter. The snow is ending in the Philadelphia area this morning with an accumulation of 10-12" depending on location. This is a good year to be in Florida, especially when this is a morning view.

This week is Race Week. There are sail boats from all over the world. It is an amazing sight to see them transported down the narrow streets and then to see them race with their beautiful sails.

I find it amazing that there is always something going on here. This past weekend was the Key West Half Marathon (13.1 miles). I was a volunteer-NOT a runner. My job was to cheer them on. I got some curious looks when I broke into song, singing the Rocky theme (because I'm from Philly)!

Only in Key West will you see people running in tutus.

This coming weekend is the Arts &Crafts Festival. Last year I bought a great jacket. Maybe this year I will find something for Henry.

It doesn't take too much of an excuse for people to don a costume or what could pass for a costume. Here I am with my two friends, Ina and May Brit, heading to a pre-construction party for The Studios of Key West.

TSKW is an amazing arts center. They are moving to a new location that needs lots of renovations.

I need to apologize for my lack of blogging. We have been here for 3 weeks and I am crazy busy. Bailey and I walk the island each morning and there is a great gym where I Zumba or spin each day. I ride my bike everywhere and you can see this stay at home kind of gal has gotten into the KW scene- LOL.

I set up my sewing machine and design wall and have pretty much taken over our tiny downstairs. I am so glad that I have a patient husband who does not mind the mess. This is a peek of the project that has me completely engrossed.

I have taken lots of photos of my process and will share them soon. It is all silk dupioni and will measure 4'x6' when finished. I plan on finishing the top here and then embellishing it with beads and buttons when I return to PA. There was a limit to what I could bring, so I hope my house sitter is enjoying what I left behind in my studio!

The picking of the winner for Mary Mark's great book, "Forget Me Knot", is long overdue. I apologize for my procrastination. The winner is Maxine Oliver. You will love this book, Maxine. As soon as I get your snail mail address, the publisher will put the book in the mail.




  1. I love Key West! Used to vacation there when the kids were little and camping was camping. Have a wonderful winter. Sounds like you are really enjoying yourself.

  2. I wish I was down there with you, lol. We got a bit of snow, but not as much as I thought. The wind is blowing though, so it is leaving patches of grass so not good to ski on.


  3. What? No Tutu for you? You are so fortunate to have friends away from home. Enjoy the warmth!


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