Monday, September 29, 2014

Where Did The Summer Go?


It seems like forever since I posted. I thought it might have been the entire summer, but when I checked the date of my last post it turns out it has only been a month. But a month in bloggerland js a long time.

I have been quilting, but 2 of the quilts I finished are gifts. Can't share those yet. I have also been working on my silk opus.

I need to finish it by November 10th. That will be the debut of my "Sensational Silk" lecture at Penn Oaks Quilt Guild. I want to share all the different ways that dupioni silk can be used for quilting. The guild meets in Malvern at The Frazier Mennonite Church. It's a very friendly group so if you're in the area, come out and see my quilts. For more info, check out their website:

I have also been having a lot of fun getting dirty rehabbing a property that my son and DIL bought. I'm the fixer of odds and ends. It's a house with lots of character that was built in 1875. It's in Wilmington, DE. If you're familiar with the area, it's near Rodney Square.



Front foyer.

Does anyone know anything about this tile?

It was used to seal off a fireplace.




And believe it or or, it was Henry's first birthday. Where did the year go? My DIL made him a fish themed party. She gave me a couple of tie dyed t shirts with directions on how to decorate them.

Does the fish look familiar? It's a baby shower quilt left over.

If you want to see the fish quilt, click HERE.

And one more t shirt, just in case the first one gets dirty.

And of course that is going to happen when there is a smash cake!

So what motivated me to blog today of all days? Our annual Fall vacation. I want to make sure I can share the photos with you.

Where are we going, you ask?


It's a Textile Tour with lots of learning about batiks, making of batiks and buying of batiks. What could be better?

I will definitely share photos.



  1. This summer really went by too quickly;) Love the shirts, that is a fun theme.
    Bali sounds like a fun trip, look forward to seeing your photos when you return.


  2. It's been a long time since you blogged! The quilt looks beautiful and so is the quilting. I am very intrigued.. want to see the whole quilt. Happy birthday to Henry! Those shirts look adorable.
    Have wonderful time in Bali.. can't not wait to hear about your experiences. The house in Delaware is amazing! I have never heard of anyone I know living in that old and historic house. Do you have a different guild-lines on how to renovate his house? Love the staircase!

  3. The shirts are beautiful! What a wonderful memory. I don't know anything about that tile, but much of the rest of the home looks familiar. We rehabbed our first two homes in Philadelphia with similar woodwork. Those were the days. So much fun. Enjoy Bali.


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