Thursday, October 2, 2014

2 Days in San Fransisco

Two days in the city by the bay in anticipation of Bali. How much could I squeeze in?

Here's a photo overview. Warning if you're on a diet. There was lots of food.


Boudin - the home of sourdough bread. I got very carbed out. Roasted tomato soup in a bread bowl.

They make these adorable and yummy sourdough animals.


It was a bit chilly, so I had to have a hot chocolate with a chocolate chip cookie at Ghiradelli.

AND we had never had an In n Out burger. Is it or is it not better than 5 Guys? East Coast vs West Coast?

Drum roll please? Better burger, better fries! West Coast wins.

To work it off, or realistically to be able to zip my pants, I rode a bike over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. It was an awesome experience. We were lucky, the weather was good and there were not too many people. (I took a selfie :-) ). Do you believe the color of the sky?

A little fabric shopping at World famous Britex. Four stories of mouthwatering fabric and notions.

They had a huge selection of Kona cottons. I just had to buy a bit.

And I couldn't resist San Fran fabric. Oops! It's sideways. You get the idea. Britex is even there.

Then a bit of sightseeing.


Painted Ladies.

Heading to relax on the airplane to Bali.



  1. I believe the color of the sky! Looks like you had a great time! I am glad you got to ride on the bridge. My friend from CA still carries a loaf of sour dough bread whenever she visits here.. Mmmm good! Did you carry some chocolate to Bali?

  2. Riding across the bridge must have been so cool! Did you rent a one way bike? Glad you didn't buy too much space for Bali!

  3. Cheryl, you are killing me here! Boudins is my favorite! I always get the tomato soup. Good thing I just had Rocky Mountain chocolate or I would be in tears. On to Bali!

  4. I can smell the sourdough and chocolate! Your joy is radiating. Beautiful. A wonderful way to begin your holiday. Oh, and great fabrics.

  5. Oh how I LOVE San Fran!!! What a fabulous idea to bike across the bridge! Isn't Sausalito wonderful? We hit all of the same food spots!!! If you get to In-N-Out again - ask for your fries, Animal Style. I've never heard of the fabric store - boo hoo! The San Fran fabric is fantastic!!!


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