Friday, October 17, 2014

Good Bye Bali

This will be my last psot about my trip to Bali.  I want to share the process that we used to make our own batik fabric.  These were the photos that were orphaned on my new camera.  I borrowed an adapter and was able to transfer the photos to my computer.

On our first day we hit the ground running and visited this batik "factory".  It was very hot and we needed the fans that were given to us as part of a welcoming gift.  I saw headers for Princess Mirah, a brand that you can find in some of our local quilt shops.  There are lots of these independent factories all over Bali.  They are considered subcontractors.

Walking down the driveway, we saw this prepared batik drying in the sun.
 Then we entered the shed and saw these rows of beautiful batiks hanging to dry.
We chose a pre-dyed piece of fabric and a chop to stamp our design.
Our chops were created from strips of metal swirled and bent into designs.  Of course I chose a circle design. The first step is to dip the chop in melted wax and stamp the fabric
to cover the entire piece of fabric.
This is what it looked like completely stamped.

The next step was to dye it with another color. This was not my fabric.
I chose orange. My fabric would remain pink where it was stamped with wax.  .
The wet piece is being scrunched before it is sprinkled with the mordant.
They added a third color, green to my piece.
The next step is to remove the wax with hot water.  Sometimes this is the last step and sometimes they add another layer of dye starting with the wax resist.

You may be asking how they create  consistent product.  That is exactly my question
Here is my finished batik

and here is Don's.  He started with a light blue piece of fabric.
And today is the day to pick the winner of the batik giveaway. There were many comments left here, via email and on facebook, I have picked a random name.  The winner is: sewcalgal
Congratulations!  Hope you make something fun.

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  1. I love Don's! He has a future as a fabric designer!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am truly excited. I love batik and really enjoyed your posts on Bali and batiks.


  3. I cannot thank you too much or too often for your fabulous pics of batik making in Bali! I am enjoying them so much, and have even been sending them on to my 3 "kids" so that they get a sense of the whole process too.

  4. So beautiful! That first picture looks like river running through through... What a wonderful experience!


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