Saturday, February 21, 2015

Curvalicious Bags

My plan was to make a large batik Curvalicious bed quilt.  Stitching the fused circles by hand was to be my "sitting" project on a tour to Budapest and Hungary.  There was a lot of sitting time on the flight over and back and time spent waiting for the group.  I don't like to fuse down all the circles at once, since inevitably the fabric begins to fray.  I know I have shared this before, but you can always find an iron in a hotel.  It's either in your room or a call down to the front desk results in one appearing at your door.
This was half of the quilt and quite frankly, I just thought it was too much, and this was only the first half.

So I decided to cut it up and make 2 bags from it and a tablerunner,
 and then I would see what else was left over.

I am far from an expert in making bags.  The first bag I wanted to create was inspired by this little double zipped purse. I take it with me all over the island.  It's large enough to carry my little wallet and my phone. The two zippered compartments are separate, and I can sling it over my shoulder.
My "wants" for my double zippered purse were:
                           1.  Two independently zippered compartment
                           2.  to wear it over my shoulder, which means a comfortable strap
                           3.  Large enough for serious travel
                           4.  Large enough to hold a sketch pad, digital camera, wallet, phone and umbrella, + ??
                           5.  Finished inside seams
                           6.  Inside pocket for my phone and keys

Most of the requirements were pretty easy to meet, just by making the bag larger, so I started with a piece of the Curvalicious fabric that measured 12" x 30".  I knew my struggle would be with making sure there were no raw seams inside, so I made a little prototype.
The dot fabric represented the zipper.
I cant tell you how many times I had to refer to my prototype before finishing 
my Curvvalicious Double Zip Bag, perfectly sized at 10" x 15".
The local fabric store that also does upholstery put the grommets in for me.
(Thanks Nick.)

One bag down and one more to go.  

A big beautiful tote bag, large enough to hold projects or for an overnight trip. It has a square bottom and interior pockets and a comfy strap.
This is my first project with horizontal Curvalicious stripes.  I like it!


  1. LOVE THE BAGS! WOW WOW WOW.......I need a zippered one just like yours! Thank you my creative friend!!!!

  2. LOVE both bags! How fun and what a great/creative way to "upcycle" a project you don't like.

  3. Cheryl,
    Two great bags, they are perfect for Key West.

  4. Wow are those great bags! I love that curvalicious top you made into fabric for the bags. It's just perfect for them.

  5. These bags are fantastic, Cheryl! Wouldn't smaller bags look great with smaller curves? Hint, hint!

  6. I have a little purse with 2 zip sections like that Key West you used as a proto type. I got mine in Cabo. Mine is about 6x8" and just large enough for the giant cell phone to slip in one pocket and a small case with ID and cash in the other. I like the way you enlarged it to suit your particular needs and the way you made a "mock up" so your bag came out exactly the way you intended. I do wonder why you disliked your curvalicious top?

  7. I, too, struggle with the "no raw edges inside" requirement...often. I'd love to see you do a tutorial on that snappy little bag!!! hint, hint! Hope you can extend your stay down here in the land of sun...I hear it's still pretty brutal back up north..

  8. Love the new bags but my fav is the little Key West bag. Now that you know my requirements for a bag, too...!


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