Friday, May 8, 2015

I'm Pinching Myself

About a year ago, I was invited to exhibit my quilts as the Artist of the Month at White Horse Village as a one person  show. This was such an honor for me.  The month of May has finally arrived.

The first step was to bring over a bunch of quilts and let them choose which ones to hang.
 I brought over a mixture of new quilts and older ones.
 They had a great hanging system.

 I thought they would enjoy the Light House quilt.
There were quilts from my 2 books and a few of my fiber books.

The wine and cheese reception was very exciting.  I'm not used to so much attention.
The attendees were genuinely interested in my process and inspiration.

It was a great evening with a great reception.  
They invited me to stay for dinner and what could be better than a beautiful dessert.
White Horse Village is located in Edgmont, PA and welcomes anyone that would like to see the exhibit.  Just stop at the front desk.  The quilts will be hanging the entire month of May.


  1. Congratulations on the honor and your quilts do look beautiful hanging on the walls, great choices.


  2. Wow!!! I'm so sincerely impressed!!! I've never seen the beautiful quilt with the lighthouse before -- I just love it! I need to get here and see all your beautiful quilts together. I'm so happy for you Cheryl!

  3. Congratulations. Such a beautiful show with all your wonderful work.

  4. Fantastic. Wish I could be there to see this. It would truly be a treat.

  5. How wonderful, Cheryl! They look so beautiful on the wall! How do I get a closer view of that large island quilt??? And the bicycle quilt? Mazel tov!!!

  6. how wonderful! congratulations

  7. Mazel tov, Cheryl! Such a wonderful show-wish I lived closer to see it in person! It is so great to see your terrific artwork showcased so well.

  8. What a wonderful show! Congratulations!


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