Saturday, August 29, 2015

An Awesome Saturday

.It was a day full of driving and shopping with my two buddies, Bailey and my hubby. We headed out to Lancaster County with our own agendas. First stop was Beikers for lots of juices peaches to make peach jam. 
There was an adorable Amish girl and her mother sitting outside selling peach smoothies. 
I couldn't resist and I realized that I guzzled down half my smoothie before I thought to take a photo! The girls mother was happy for me to snap a photo of my smoothie maker! (Usually they are camera shy. )
The next stop was our favorite produce stand. 

Bushels of Roma tomatoes for $4 each. Watermelons for $2. Heirloom tomatoes for 50c each. All on the honor system. Most of you know that I have turned the kitchen over to Don. Lots of work!
The next stop was for me. 
Hinkletown Sewing Center. It's Bernina heaven. 
And if you think the Amish are shy and retiring, you haven't met Irv Zimmerman and his daughter Irma. They have a twinkle in their eye and a lilt to their voice and can upsell anything. I had done my research and had a good idea of what I wanted. Besides a great price and a good trade-in price, I went home with this beauty. 
There was still daylight, so we headed to Lititz. Patti Strine, Program Chair for a guild I had visited last week told me about a fabric store that I had never visited. In Lancaster? Really? How could that be? I thought I knew them all. Of course I had to check it out. 
Weavers Dry Goods. Don't let this view fool you. Once you enter, the shop goes on and on with some very good prices. The fabric was well organized and I found lots of bright, clear fabrics. I'll be heading back. Among my purchases was this great matchbox car fabric. 
I used it for my first sewing project with my new machine to make pillowcases for ConKerr cancer, now called A Case For Smiles. It's my quilt guilds community outreach project for the month of September. Most people choose pretty fabric suitable for girls. Of course, being the mother of boys, I had to choose fabric suitable for boys. 
A wonderful day, capped off with an outdoor lunch at a dog friendly restaurant in downtown Lititz with a little more shopping - just for fun. 


  1. It looks like a fun day and I do love being able to get fresh produce in the summer.
    I am trying to find new places to go that take dogs, found a campsite that has play areas, swimming and sitting if we need it.


  2. Nice report. I like the matchbox fabric. Might need to make a trip.

  3. Love those excursions to the Lancaster County area for fabric and food


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