Sunday, August 2, 2015

Syracuse Wrap Up

The show is over and I am decompressing at home. I had no time to post photos while I was there, so I have a buch to share. AQS did a wonderful job of advertising the show on TV and through quilt shops. There were a bunch of buses each day. The ebb and flow of quilters was unpredictable. Some days I didn't make a sale until 10:30 and the show opened at 9:00AM. It took a while for people to migrate down to aisle 600. I connected with a few shop owners and met so many wonderful quilters, lots of Canadians, who were willing to watch my demo. Curvalicious peeked out of lots of bags as my customers walked around that I developed a reputation as the woman selling those green rulers!

Quilters that I've met other places and some friends stopped by to say hi. Cheryl took one of my silk dupioni workshops in Delaware. Instead of making a wallhanging, she made a bag. How clever is that?
There were 10 longarm dealers. Companies are jumping on this bandwagon. It was a good place for comparison. Believe it or not, I had almost no time for shopping. All I bought was three 1/2 yard pieces of fabric. A couple of pieces for Curvalicious backgrounds and I just loved the one with the Adirondack chairs. 

The competition quilts were top notch. Some of them were just so brilliant that it made my jaw drop. Here are some of my favorites, although maybe not the top winners. 
Best of show. 
Kathy McNeil

Susannah Kipp created my favorite. Can you guess why?
I love every quilt that Janet Stone creates. 
I just love anything cake related and the quilting was amazing. Linda Neal and Jackie Brown from Texas must have so much fun making this together. 
My friend Terry Kramzar had a beautiful quilt in the show. 

There was also lots of special exhibits. Thomas Knauer, who hopefully will be coming to our guild in 2017, shared a bunch of quilts with the title, "The Message is the Medium" or was it "The Medium is the Message". 
This quilt was the gay pride flag quilted with the traditional wedding ring pattern. Lisa Sipes quilted almost all of Thomas' quilts. 
Dresden plates representing pie charts. 
We tried to have some fun dinners, even when we were exhausted. After Dinosaur BBQ, we ate at Funk N Waffles and Wegmans!
The waffles were a bit strange and the paintings on the wall matched. 
I think it was a college dive. 
By the time the show ended on Saturday at 5 PM, the hall was quiet and the vendors were chomping at the bit to start packing up. 
It took one hour to pack all my stuff and we hit the road. It felt so good to sleep in my own bed. 


  1. Sounds like a fun but exhausting adventure. Get some rest.

  2. I just may need to add this show to the list. The quilts looked amazing!

  3. looks like a great show - I'll meet you kelly!


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