Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Busman's Holiday

After a great trip to the Needlechasers of Chevy Chase, I had the wonderful opportunity to take a workshop with Leni Levenson Wiener. She is an amazing fiber artist that creates these amazing and realistic portrait quilts. 
I missed her lecture on Wednesday, but learned so much rom her during the workshop. She had many of her quilts and told wonderful stories. Her choice of fabrics were unexpected, but perfectly fit and enhanced the portrait. She is quite an accomplished artist and teacher traveling internationally, exhibiting in galleries and museums, with several published books. 

Her wonderful teaching style led all of us students in the right direction to turning our photos into quilts or using her patterns to learn her technique. I will share some of our works in progress. 

This is her current book and the basis for our workshop. 

I spent Friday catching up on regular life as my professional life winds down for the year and I am recuperating physically. So I cleaned, quilted and snuggled with Bailey. It was so nice to spend a day at home and I even stayed in my pajamas. Perfect!


  1. That looks like a fun class to take. I was doing one of me and it came out a bit weird and I still need to fix a few things and finish it.


  2. Thanks for sharing the wonderful workshop photos! Leni was such a great speaker. I loved the people on the bench, without the benches! I wish I had taken the workshop now. I'm glad you're taking it easy - a day in your pajamas is a wonderful guilty pleasure now and then.

  3. Wish I could have gone along in your suitcase from MD to see Leni Wiener. Looks like it was a great workshop.


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