Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Frosting On The Cake

Today was my last lecture presentation for the year. It has been a busy and exhilarating Fall sharing my silk quilts with guilds in PA, NJ and MD. The Needlechasers of Chevy Chase was such a warm and friendly guild with a bent towards art quilts. There was only one traditional quilt shared during Show & Tell, and it was a beauty. Here are a couple of photos of their raffle quilt. 

And the back
It was quilted by one of their members with lots of different leaf motifs. 
They asked tons of questions during my talk. I love that. It shows they weren't sleeping (Ha!) and they were actually interested in what I was talking about. 
We had quite a discussion about my wonky Midsummers Night Dream quilt. 

It was also wonderful to reconnect with my friend Josephine. She was a member of my current guild until she moved to Maryland to be near her kids and grandkids. It has been years since we talked and it seemed like yesterday. She sends her regards to all her friends at Calico Cutters and misses us and we miss her too. 
She is heading to Holland, her home country, and whipped up this gorgeous quilt in no time to bring as a gift. 
It feels so good to be done traveling for the year and awesome to be ending it on such a high note with a vibrant and active group of quilters! Thank you Needlechasers. 


  1. We absolutely loved having you visit us today. Thanks so much Cheryl!

  2. Fantastic to see you again! I have been following you since QSDS. The NeedleChasers of Chevy Chase really enjoyed your lecture and loved seeing your quilts. Beautiful and creative work. Stay well and keep in touch.

  3. Of course they would love your lecture and your quilts! Great picture of Josephine too, glad she is doing well.

  4. Many thanks for a wonderful presentation. I would love to come to your retreat some time to do the puppy quilt. My Julie looks so much like Bailey!

  5. Thanks so much for your talk and presentation yesterday. You were great! And thanks for these pictures. Our Quilt Show will be Oct.7 and 8, 2016 at the Kensington, MD Armory and that's when this beautiful Raffle Quilt will go to its lucky winner.


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