Sunday, December 13, 2015

A Vacation Date

Last week my husband and I went on a vacation date. What is a vacation date? We pretended we were traveling on vacation, which we both enjoy. When we're on vacation we visit museums, eat at restaurants, see new things, enjoy each other's company while we learn. So let's do it in Philly!

There is an exhibit at the Barnes Foundation called Strength and Splendor about wrought iron. I love the decorative iron work that is displayed among the paintings in the museum's various rooms, so I thought it would be interesting.

They were OK, but not as inspiring to me as the permanent collection.

This was an interesting piece - an iron corset!

After the museum we went to lunch at Pizzeria Vetri. Mark Vetri, one of the most famous Philadelphia restauranteurs, has been in the news a lot. He sold most of his many restaurants to Urban Outfitters! Seems like an odd combo to me.

BTW, our lunch was great. The lightest, airiness and crispy pizza crust ever. Or was it the company?



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