Thursday, January 14, 2016

Check Off Another One

I have a long list of projects to finish before my trip to the Daytona Quilt Show towards the end of February. Today I finished one of them. There is an evening program called "All Star Review". I am giving a 10 minute presentation, along with a bunch of other instructors. My talk is called " The Illusion of Curves". It's a 4 step presentation.This quilt, "Colorful Spaghetti" is the basic first step in adding curves to a quilt using linear curves.

It's cotton fusible appliqué on white dupioni silk, measuring 34"W x 25"H. As I started to quilt it, I decided to use it as an exercise in free motion quilting. You can see the quilting on the back better than the front because I used white thread on both the top and in the bobbin. Here's the back.

I am always searching for free motion quilting designs. There's a lot of inspiration out there on the net. I have a Pinterest board where I collect them. So I spent a few days searching and quilting. Here's a close up.


The biggest problem with Pinterest is that it doesn't always attribute the source of the design, even when it's a "how to". One of the designs that I wanted to try was nesting triangles. I'm not sure how the original quilting was done, but these are the steps that I chose.


First zig zag up one side.

When you reach the final triangle, reverse direction to echo it.

Continue echoing

When you have finished filling in the triangles on one side, repeat echoing the triangles on the other side.

I have one more sample quilt to make for my presentation. And if you're interested in attending the "All Star Review", it's Sold Out! That's a first for me, LOL.

But I know there is still room in both my mosaic class and my Baby Curvalicious class. Click HERE to get some details and to register.


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  1. The back looks so cool. MQ skill improvement is a 2016 goal of mine. Plan to spend a bunch of weekend working on that.


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