Friday, January 1, 2016

Only in Key West

New Years Eve day is the annual Key West Weiner dog parade in Key West. Since we have been going, it has grown from 1 block to yesterday's 3 blocks, including Duval St. The streets are lined with dog lovers, in some places 3 deep! The dachshunds are the stars, but all dogs are welcome.

Last year was the first year that Bailey marched in the parade and that was a fluke. This year she was prepared with a costume. Yes, she was dressed as a hot dog.


I think she looks adorable, but I think she's saying "Really?".

The parade was led by 2 police officers on horseback.

There was a Weiner truck, along with music. What did you expect? It's Key West.

And too many dachshunds to count. Where did they all come from?



And the spectators were like paperazzi for all the celebrity dogs. Bailey loved all the attention as she pranced with the other dogs, even stopping for some love.


It's such a fun way to start off the New Year celebration.

Wishing you have a happy, healthy, fun-filled and creative 2016.



  1. That looks like a fun way to celebrate and Bailey looks so cute in his outfit.
    I can imagine if my guy were in a crowd of people and dogs, way too much excitement for him.


  2. I love it!!! I think Bailey warmed up to her costume when she felt the love!! So cute!

  3. what a hoot! happy new year!


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