Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Almost Ready

I realize I have not blogged for a while. I am so frustrated by lack of reliable internet. It's been al,post 2 months and it is a daily challenge. So instead of banding my head against the wall, I have been plugging away getting ready for the Daytona show. The dates are Feb 24-27. I think my booth # is 1507. If you're in the area, stop by. There's still room in my classes. Can you tell that I'm excited? I am ready to meet all those Florida quilters.

Here is a giraffe that I designed as a step out for my fabric mosaic class. I created it in both realistic colors and in the brightest colors. These pieces are not quilted yet. Do you have a preference?

Lots of people signed up for my class. I am so excited that so many quilters want to learn my technique. I have a student who took a Curvalicious class from me in Lewes, De, then stopped to see me in my booth in Syracuse and is now taking this class in Daytona! How amazing is that?

Wednesday night, 2/24, is the All Star Review. Faculty have 10 minutes to share a technique. I named mine "Curved Illusions". I am presenting 4 quilts illustrating how to include curves in a quilt. I finished this one yesterday and since it was made with reverse appliqué, I'm leaving it unfinished so everyone can see the back. It's got a very modern feel to it and I'm looking forward to quilting all that negative space.

We had some friends visit us from Canada yesterday. One of the must dos for visitors is the Sunset Celebration. There wasn't much f a sunset, because it has been very overcast. There are lots of street performers and a crazy cat man, but my favorite was this pig. Cute?



  1. I cannot stand being online if it is slow or buggy, usually with the bad weather it interrupts service.
    Looks like you have been enjoying yourself and making some beautiful quilts for the show and class.


  2. Cheryl, I also love the brightly colored giraffe. I'm sure that your grandson would love it too (hint). I really wish I could take the mosaic class. You will have to teach it at the POM convention in 2017. You are a great teacher and so much fun! Miss you!

  3. Laughing here: I thought the pig was part of your Canadian guests! I was wondering what Bailey thought. Much as I like bright colors, I REALLY like the 'natural' giraffe. I like the curvaliscious piece as well. I like this structured one better than the random one. IMHO....

  4. Wow! I really love both giraffes, but the natural colored one really grabs me. How big is the finished block? It just incredible. I wish you did an online course on the mosaic technique.

    I'm looking forward to taking your curvalicious class at the online quilting adventure. I need to order my template next month.


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