Friday, February 26, 2016

Mosaic Mania

I had the pleasure of sharing my Fabric Mosaic technique with 21 adventuresome women at the Daytona show. It's a brand new type of quilting that is unique and fun.

This was the sign outside my classroom door. I felt like I entered the big league.

The facilities at the Ocean Center Convention Center were top notch. The classrooms even had a section of wall to which I could pin my samples. It was perfect for my students to really inspect them.


The great news is they all loved the technique. They were given 5 different patterns to use and all of them were chosen. My little village, the most difficult, was the most popular. Many of them are determined to do them all - eventually. I really enjoy seeing how some of the quilters chose alternate fabric choices.

One student finished hers!

This is a 3 hour workshop and would be a perfect companion to a lecture about quilt inspiration from my travels. If your guild may be interested, have them contact me.

The show has been amazingly well attended with buses and buses of quilters arriving daily. They are all excited to have this caliber of show in this area of Florida and are not afraid to shop. I'll share more about the show in another post. It's time to get easy for another show day.



  1. That looks really fun to do and easy to make up patterns from my photos and the mosaic filter.


  2. That is great the workshop was such a success.

  3. I do wish you'd write a book to learn this technique.


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