Tuesday, March 22, 2016

New York Beauty

Last year Linda Hahn visited our guild. I took her workshop, Buffalo Bubblegum, from her book New York Beauty Diversified. I've always wanted to make a NY Beauty. It is my home state and I always admired the quilts made by Karen Stone.

Linda's method simplified the construction of this complicated looking block.

Since the start of my love affair with dupioni silk, I have tried to push my boundaries and use it in as many different types of quilts that I create. I've made traditional, contemporary, art and modern quilts. This was another opportunity to use my silk stash in another way. I finished a few blocks in the workshop and today I reacquainted myself with the project. You know how it goes. What size blocks do I cut? Which fabric was I using for what? How many blocks have I made and what size quilt was I planning?

My goal was to have a fun day sewing. Quilting has become more of a business than a hobby for me. This entails spending time doing business kinds of things intermixed with creating quilts. Sometimes it's more of one than another. Since returning from Key West, there's been a lot of business - stocking up, shipping, writing proposals as well as an article for Quilting Arts- which I am so excited about.

Now that I have my NY Beauty project organized, I work on it in when I find myself with bits if time or when I need to have some fun!

Speaking of business, tomorrow night or tonight depending when you are reading this, I'm heading back to my old stomping ground , Bridgewater, NJ for a lecture for the Pieced Together Quilters. Flemington, NJ was the location of our last home. Bridgewater Commons was our shopping mall. The topic of my talk is Personalizing Your Quilt. I'm excited to be sharing my 2012 journal quilt called Wednesday's Wanderings. It was a labor of love and a chronicle of a year in my life and I used every technique that I have ever learned and then some. A bonus - it helps to remind me of the year. If you're in the area, stop on by.



  1. Your NY Beauty is a beauty- so much beautiful color and texture! Your journal quilt is fascinating, too.

  2. Ahhh....sewing with no 'pressure'.....once you reconnected!

  3. I am a member of Pieced Together Quilters and loved your lecture and quilts. You are so inspiring. Thank you for a fun evening. I have added your blog to my "must read" list.


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