Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Really Slow Stitching

Have you seen any of the La Passacaglia quilts? They are all over the Internet. They are so intricate, I never thought I could/would make one. It's English paper piecing and done by hand!! I joined a Facebook group where people started posting their rosettes and quilts in progress. A few had even finished their quilt AFTER TWO YEARS!! I started to think that maybe I could make one. I was so intrigued. Then the bits and pieces and the book needed to start showed up on Massdrop- the most enticing community buying website. I pulled the trigger.

Then I enticed two of my friends to join in the insanity. Today was our first stitching get together. This is what we showed up with! There's a lot of fussy cutting.

Are you wondering where is the third start of a rosette? She did bring her fabric. Hahaha.

We are going to get together once a month and stitch. It's all done by hand. I don't even know how to pronounce it, so most people just call it La Passa and so will I. If you want to take a look at the madness, Check out this link:



  1. Would love to take a class on this technique. Really like having different shapes of paper piecing in same block.

  2. Slow stitching fun. The fabrics available should ensure lots of fascinating combos. Love the lobsters!

  3. So jealous! I'm summoning my nerve to plunge in!!!

  4. Both of these rosettes are gorgeous. I joined the craze. It turns out that I am not doing La Passa, but instead Millefiore, which is similar but not exactly. I am going to see if I can do mine by machine though.

  5. Looks like a road trip project! You could probably go across country in the time it takes to do a couple of rounds! Pretty, but consuming!


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