Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Switching Course

I was in my happy place working on a new Curvalicious pictorial quilt.

I love the design process especially when it involves adding images to a scene. Deciding what to add and how to draw it and stitch it is a challenge that I really enjoy.

But then life/business gets in the way. I was accepted to teach at a convention in May of 2017 and they need photos of the samples in 2 weeks. 2 weeks! So here I am working on a half day Curvalicious skinny quilt class -2 ways.

They measure 16"x40".

The black and white one has multi colored circles and is linearly quilted with a walking foot. "Singing In The Rain" has monochromatic circles and is free motion quilted with swirls, curvy lines and angular quilting in the polka dot fabric.

The circles are stitched by hand on the black and white skinny quilt and by machine for the other.

The appliqué strips for "Singing In The Rain" are offset.

Curvalicious is so versatile. It's fun coming up with different patterns. These skinny quilts are certainly quick to do. They are like potato chips - can't make just one.



  1. Great idea to make some runners, very striking!

  2. I love how the curves look and the ocean quilt is so cute.
    I was going to do something like that but ran out of time, so had to rethink it into something simpler.
    I really need to practice my sewing skills this year.


  3. "Sew" much fun and so creative! You are going to interesting places in a curvalicious sort of way!

  4. neat runners and I like your fishy quilt too!


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