Friday, April 22, 2016

More Than A Baker's Dozen

It's starting to sink in that Curvalicious is here to stay.  It is in the homes of quilters as far away as Israel and the Netherlands and in many homes in the U.S.  I'm pinching myself that it is so well liked.  
Thanks to quilters and teachers and shop owners, it is now available in a bunch of shops, local quilt shops (LQS).  We all need to support our LQS, so they don't disappear.  Big box stores or Internet stores can't teach us how to make quilts or answer our questions, such as how much fabric do I need to make this border or why arent my blocks coming out right.  How can  we touch and fondle the fabric we may buy to see if it's soft or coarse or tightly woven?  I know where I live, many LQS are disappearing.  I learned how to quilt at my LQS, that is no longer there.  I learned how to teach, and that is a hands on skill, at another LQS that has disappeared.  So, I'd like to give a shout out and share the shops that now carry Curvalicious and accompanying patterns. I thank them and you should patronize them and keep your eye out for more patterns.  They are coming.

I just sold Curvalcious to my 14th shop.  Thank you to the owner, Erin Underwood at the Blue Hen Quilt Shop.  And if you enjoy your Curvalicious, recommend that your LQS carries it. It will be a win-win and new patterns will be available to you as soon as they are published. 

United States
        Soldatna          Bearly Threaded Quilting

     Dagsboro            Serendipity Quilt Shop
     Newark               Blue Hen Quilt Shop

     Jacksonville        Cinnamon Quilt Shop
     Jupiter                 Quilters Choice
     Key West            The Seam Shoppe
     Rockledge           The Quilt Place

     Fayetteville          Quilt N Fabric

     King of Prussia       Steve's Sewing, Quilting, Vacuums, Appliances

New York
     East Syracuse        Knecht's Sewing
     Niagara Falls         Aunties Attic Quilt Shop

     St Albans               Cowles Quilting Machines

     Moneta                   The General Store at Smith Mountain Lake

Ontario                    Born To Quilt

Gratitude.  Yup!


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