Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Another One In The Books

The weekend in the mountains, started out chilly, but by the time Sunday arrived, it was a beautiful Spring day. The topics for the mosaics were a cat, two dogs and a grandson. The most diverse group to date.

Bailey was waiting for everyone to arrive.

Samples were hung as inspiration.

The first step was for everyone to cut up a bunch of fabrics. There were squares everywhere. Most of us willingly shared our squares. (Hahaha)

Someone set up their sewing machine to have the best view of the lake.

( and I don't blame her).



The mosaics progressed as the days passed.


Over the course of a couple of days, the quilts really evolved.



We were so busy eating all the yummy meals prepped by my hubby that the only photo I took was Sunday mornings yogurt bar.

Another great retreat. Two more coming up this Spring. I'm dreaming of a show with all these finished pet quilts and one boy. It would be wonderful.

Im starting to gather names for the next scheduled retreat for May 2017. Are you interested?



  1. It looks like a wonderful retreat and the ladies are making some beautiful pieces that will be wonderful memory pieces.


  2. A show with all the projects would be cool!


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