Sunday, April 10, 2016

Fun Friday

I was looking forward to getting out of the studio with a couple of the Quiltinis to visit the quilt exhibit at The Wayne Art Center, which is about 15 minutes from my house. This is a juried exhibit that is one of the premier quilt exhibits in the country. Anyone that still has the notion that quilts are made by Grandmas to be slept under, will be surprised. These quilts are works of art and definitely worth the trip.

Some years there is usually one quilt that we will say WTF? This year is was a 3-D full size oil drum type barrel created by a woman who usually makes the most gorgeous quilts. I did have several favorites and always love the hand stitching. One of my favorites was a quilt by Kathleen Loomis. She will be a speaker at my quilt guild, Calico Cutters, this October.

Unfortunately, no photos are allowed of the quilts. Thus always annoys me, because it us not to preserve the quilts. This ban on photography is purely mercenary. They want you to buy their catalog. Someone should enlighten them that sharing is a good thing and more people will come to see the quilts in person when they get a sneak oeek. Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox. Here's the link where you can see some of the quilts. www. The exhibit runs through April 30 and is worth the trip.

BUT, there was an exhibit of Teen Art in the public areas from local schools. I am often amazed by the talent.

This piece was behind the information desk.


This is what it looked like when you get a closer look.


Can you see the bits that make up this piece? How about closer?

And the expressive eyes?


The artist




  1. It was a good day. Good quilts to see, good friends to discuss them with.

  2. Wow - what an impressive mixed media piece. So lovely far away and so much more intriguing close up.

  3. Those are amazing and I love the mixed media girl, she really did a beautiful job using found objects.


  4. It was such a good show and they kid's art was amazing! No band aid quilts, yes!

  5. I have to get there!!! Thanks! That last piece is just incredible!!! I can't believe it was done by a student - wow!!


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