Monday, May 23, 2016

3 Days Fly By

The May Mosaic Pet Retreat is over. It's truly amazing how fast 3 days fly by. Quilters who arrive as strangers leave as friends.


The subjects of the quilts were 2 dogs and one cat. It's amazing to see them come to life. What I find so fascinating is that each quilter lives something special about their pet, that makes their portrait so special. For one, it was the wisps of fur that extended from the cat's ear, another, it was the tilt of the dog's head and how the ears were attached to the dogs ear. To another it was the lipstick kiss put on the dog's head by her niece.

Here are some photos as the quilts progressed.


The start of Mittens, the cat.

We can see Mitten's ears.


Starting to piece the first section. The shrinkage using a 1/4" seam allowance is amazing.

Here's the start of Fannie Mae, a mastiff.

I just love how the head is cocked. It really shows her personality - the dog that is!

Starting with lots of background squares is a bonus when starting to lay out the squares. It's a great confidence booster. It all depends on the photo.

Mary brought these straight pins she had made. They were perfect for marking the rows. I use Post Its.

Thanks Mary, Caroline and Mary for trusting me to take you on this journey and letting me get to know you and your beloved pet.

I have lofty goals for all of my attendees. What do you think about an exhibit of our quilts? Maybe in 2018? That would give you more than a year to finish. So if you have come to one of my retreats, you better get working, except of course for Cheryl K. She finished hers right away.

If you are interested,visit and click on the mosaic quilt of my dog, Bailey. There is one spot open in about 2 weeks, June 9-12th. The next one won't be until May of 2016, and there are only 2 spots left.



  1. It looks like a wonderful retreat and the start of some beautiful pet pieces.


  2. We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed working on the project with your patient guidance! Thank you for opening your home to us and treating us like honored guests. Will be adding to this post on my blog in the next week or so!! Will also link back to the time I "made" those row markers. :) Mary -

  3. Makes me wish I had a pet!

  4. Hi, Cheryl, Carolyn here. It was a memorable retreat. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed getting to know you and how much I learned not to mention the beautiful setting and fabulous food. My goal is to finish Fannie Mae ASAP. Will send photos when that happens. A quilt show sounds great to me.


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