Saturday, June 4, 2016

So Excited! It's Here!!!!

I am so excited.  My newest Curvalicious pattern is now done, printed and available for purchase!
 It's called "Fishalicious" and I am so thrilled with it.
I had so much fun designing it.  It brought back memories of my one son's childhood. When he was 11, we were on vacation in Key West, staying at a Hilton. He decided he wanted to take a scuba diving lesson that was offered at the hotel.None of us knew how to scuba, but he wanted to do it.  He took the lessons and then went out on a boat with his instructor and my husband as a chaperone.  He had a blast.  So for his Bar Mitzvah gift from us, he asked for a very unusual gift. He wanted to become a certified scuba diver. He found a school outside of  Atlanta and he was determined.  We put him on an airplane at 13 years old and he returned a week later with his certification.  
What a special kid! 
I used Curvalcious to create all of the  waves, the  ocean floor and the plant life on the left side. The pattern includes a 2 page full size newsprint layout.  
 with lots of colorful figures included in the directions.

The top edge is Curvalicious wavy and there are lots of quilting details for the appliques.

I know a bunch of you have added your own touches to Beachalicious and I think this pattern is perfect for the same treatment.  You can change the colors of the fish, add different fish, leave out fish and if you're a crab lover, there's plenty of room for that too.  
Or you could even add your own scuba diver!
I love seeing your creativity and how you alter my patterns!

So will you add this to your list of Curvalicious quilts to make?
Or will this motivate you to finally purchase a Curvalicious tool?
Either way, know that your success is important to me and I will offer as much support as I can, with more patterns, tutorials and videos in the works on the Curvalicious website;
and to purchase any of my patterns or the Curvalicious tool, visit my Etsy shop.
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HINT: a new video is in production that will change how you do borders

So, this one is for you Roger!


  1. The last word! I was so wondering which son. Go Goger! Love the quilt, especially the top waves.

  2. LOVE this one! Especially the curved top edge - what a surprising feature!


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