Friday, June 17, 2016

I've Been On The Road

I shared my new lecture last night with The Village Quilters of Catonsville, MD. It was their end of the year meeting and the tables were beautifully decorated. It was a potluck lunch that had 2 long tables of savory and 2 long tables of sweets. Yes, SWEETS!!! I began to salivate.

There was one tiny issue. It was warm and the air conditioning units were stolen the night before. Everyone had makeshift fans and thankfully there was some air flow. I was so glad I wore deodorant.

The title of my new talk is "Turn Travel Into Treasures ". It was the perfect talk for their end of the year meeting and the beginning of many summer vacations. Lots of my quilts were inspired by my travels, both near and far. It was a walk down memory lane, looking through my quilts and photos, while preparing this lecture.

My quilts fell into two categories. There are realistic quilts - those that look the inspiration and the other are quilts that are more abstract. Photos of lots of wrought iron from a trip to Barcelona



were the inspiration for "Filigree Fantasy".

The ladies loved my travel books. This one I made after our trip to Israel.

That's the cover. This is a peek at the inside.I use Pelltex to make it stiff so that it stands.

This is a travel book I created after a bike n barge trip in Holland.

I like using an interesting shape for the cover. For this book it was inspired by the amazing buildings in Amsterdam.

This is a peek at the inside.

I like including some type of map in each book to document the places that were visited. Here's the map from Holland.

Each location we visited is named and can you see the bicycles that I printed on organza? I also used the blue and white fabric that I bought at the market in Amsterdam.

When I create these books after a trip, it helps me to revisit the vacation and cement the memories. Instead of all the photos stored on my camera or in the cloud, they are a visible reminder.



  1. Nice tease of your lecture. It will make people want to see more...or travel with you. I really like filigree. Is that the quilt you pondered redoing borders?

  2. This is a great way to spend time reminiscing about your trip and helping you remember, and also a great way to share your journey with others. Beautiful.

  3. I am sure the ladies loved your talk even without air!

  4. Wow- I LOVE these travel books!! It's like the best of 2 worlds- scrap booking & sewing!! I definitely need to consider doing this, too! Maybe you could do another post giving hints & tricks of how you do this!! ??? Pretty please??! Thanks!

  5. Your travel books are so delightful and inspiring! And we're heading to Barcelona in a few weeks - I'll keep my eyes peeled for filigree!


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