Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Simply Elegant Border For Your Quilts

This is one of my silk dupioni quilts, "A Mid Summer Night's Dream".  I love this quilt.  It was a joy and challenge to design and stitch all of the appliques. Then to finish it, I created a border using Curvalicious.  I added concentric circles to the border and inside of it is rick rack, embellished with sequins and seed beads. It is an elegant finish.
Using my Curvalicious tool made it pretty easy.
I also used it to add a ice touch to this disappearing 4 patch quilt.
With this quilt, the border comes to a point, or what I call a cat's eye in the corners.
The look of the corners depends on how the curvalicious border is placed.

If you're like me, usually when I finish making the body of a quilt top, the goal is to be done.  So, I just add a border that fits with the piecing.  The goal is to just get it quilted either myself  or by sending it out to the longarmer.  A light bulb went on one day and I thought about using Curvalicious to create an inner border.  I tried it and it worked!
Adding a Curvalicious border is simple and takes just a bit more time and you end up with an elegant frame for your quilt. You can use it with or without circles and the stitching is done before the border is added to the body of the quilt.  I have been sharing this border tip when I demo at quilt shows and have been asked exactly how I do it.  So I made a video. (That sounds much easier than it really is!)  Click on the arrow to watch.

I hope you find it helpful. 
And if you decide you want to see all the other fun things you can do with Curvalicious, click HERE.
I keep updating the Curvalicious website,

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