Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Who's idea was this?

Heading to our lake house in the Pocono Mountains to escape the DNC in Phildaelsphia via Burkholders Fabrics in Lancaster County turned out to be not such a good idea. We thought we could consolidate 2 trips to save time.

I have been asked if I had kits for two of my patterns, Fishalicious and Beachalicious.

Since I bought all the fabrics for Fishalicious from one quilt shop - Burkholders- I decided to make kits for this pattern first. Unfortunately, it really didn't save us any time on the road. It seemed like we were driving forever, but the scenery made it worth it. We just had to stop at this produce stand.

It was run by a young Amish couple whose produce was grown from their garden right behind it. This is the beginning of the season to buy cantaloupe, heirloom cherry tomatoes and corn. They really were yummy delicious.

The farms and houses near Burkholders are just magnificent and large with lots of stone. Here's a few photos I snapped.



The sky was my favorite shade of blue.

I found lots of the fabrics I used for Fishalicious, but for some of them I had to find substitutes. Here's the stack.


I will make the kits when I get back to my studio. I'm making up just a few kits to test the waters so to speak. I'll put them in my Etsy shop when they are ready. If you are interested, let me know.

I bought a bunch of their batiks at $5.99, a really great price and I just could not resist this fabric. It was just too cute.



  1. That's a busy road trip! Love the cats and dogs!

  2. I love that area of PA! Enjoy your time away.

  3. That stack of fabrics looks luscious. Fruit and veggies too. Don't envy you kitting-up, tho.


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