Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Eat, Shop, Quilt

Yesterday was the monthly meeting of the Lancaster Modern Quilt Guild (LMGQ). When you think of Lancaster County, modern quilting does not really come to mind. But believe me, it's alive and well with a very healthy and enthusiastic following.

SHOP: It was a crazy day for me, but I was able to drive like a wild woman to meet the gang at The Old Country Quilt Store. The new owners have kept that store stocked with some very current fabric at some very good prices. I have a Curvalicious project in mind using Tula Pink fabric. They had some of her fabrics in stock and I could have used another fabric to add to the ones I own, but of course I didn't have them with me. This is a frequent and frustrating experience.

EAT: We drove in the pouring rain to eat a quick dinner because we had to get to the LMQG meeting.

QUILT: I am a member of the National MQG but not this local chapter, because quite frankly I'm getting old and it's not fun for me to drive at night. Their meeting is located over an hour from my house. Also, I am not a Modern Quilter, but I am an admirer. I went to hear Michelle Engel Bencsko, co-owner of Cloud 9 Fabrics. She started the business with a partner in 2009. I love to hear about the fabric business and she was very informative and interesting.

Here she is with one of the quilts made with her fabrics. Cloud 9 fabrics are made with certified organic cotton. She brought lots of quilts and shared th ins and outs of the fabric business - everything from her background to how the business started to how the designs go from inception to the arrival of the printed fabric to their warehouse in NJ.

Cloud 9 hires lots of different designers whose background is not necessarily in textiles to design their fabrics. She brought lots of quilts and here are a bunch of photos. Please excuse the backs of heads, but it was hard to get clear shots.





It was a great evening. How could any evening not be fun when quilts are involved?



  1. Must have been a wonderful evening. I'd love to have been there. Thanks for posting pics.

  2. That is a long trek at night! Do you think you will continue to go? Shopping &'dinner out first helps. Do Many people from CC go?

  3. Nice Quilts! Makes me wish I had attended. I remember buying Cloud 9 fabrics when Geninne Zlatkis was a designer.


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