Saturday, August 6, 2016

Model Shoot

Check this out!

I have been wanting to experiment with a scalloped skirt hem created with Curvalicious. I have designed these sweet skirts with a Curvalicious border, but could I do it as the edge?

The answer is a resounding YES!! It just needed some inner curve clipping and careful pressing.

This project started with fabric from Hawthorne Threads. They are an amazing on line fabric seller that has started designing their own fabric. If you remember, I ordered a yard of 3 fabrics from them from their Zebra Hills collection. It arrived as one piece of fabric. I realized it's because they print the fabric as its ordered. How cool is that?

My first thought was to create a Curvalicious quilt I would have called "Mirror Images" inspired by a drapery panel that I saw at IKEA.

My friend Kelly of Pinkadotquilts often tells me that people want to see our failures as well as our successes. So here's the beginning of my quilt. Iset it aside because it just did not work for me.

It was time to switch directions. When I ordered the fabric, my initial thought was to try the scalloped skirt, so I returned to that idea. I sized it to fit my friend Dina's daughter. Miriam arrived with the perfect patent leather clogs.

The skirt is just too cute - and so is the model. Miriam was a natural and the poses came just effortlessly. She made my scalloped skirt look fabulous and has decided that she will wear it on the first day back to school!

Check out her hair band. It's a square of the polka dot fabric folded and rolled as a bandana.

I will share a tutorial for the skirt in my next post.



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