Monday, August 22, 2016

Content, Content, Content

For better or worse, I have become aware of the importance of social media in promoting and growing a business. It's important to reach as many people as possible. I appreciate that you read what I write, and I share because we all have an interest in quilting or art. Would I rather spend my days at my sewing machine, stitching, designing and creating? I would, but then how could I share my knowledge with you. So I've decided that it's time to try and expand my audience.

So first I will share with you my most recent Mini Mosaic that I have named "Heart Milagros". This is what I really love to do- Design, Create and Share.

Then I will share that I am trying to offer information that you really want to read as well as consolidate my social media.I have 2 Facebook pages. One is my personal page and the other is my Professional page. I will only be posting quilty stuff to my professional page. To receive this stuff, you need to "like" me. You can do that by clicking HERE. I will no longer post to my personal page.

In addition to posting quilty goodness on Facebook, I will be sending out a monthly newsletter. The newsletter will include what I'm working on or have completed, a link to a free video tutorial, a fun artsy app, where I'll be teaching or exhibiting that month plus a recipe from Don's kitchen. (I'm so excited that he has decided to share his yummy recipes.)

If you have not been receiving emails from me, it means that you are not on my mailing list. To be put on my mailing list, click HERE. if you're already signed up for my emails, but you're not sure, it will let you know. A response in red will tell you.

I am so excited about sending out my first monthly newsletter. It will come out the beginning of September and include a tour of my studio, with a Show and Tell of a couple of my bicycle quilts plus my favorite tools. You'll have to sign up to find out my favorite photo transformation app and which recipe Don will be sharing. I know you will enjoy it.

I'd love for you to help me work on my goals of providing you with information that will interest you as well as growing my social media following. So "Like" me on Facebook - click Here and sign up for my Newsletter HERE. I promise I will not share your email with anyone and that you can unsubscribe whoever you want.



  1. Watching with anticipation. This new technique is amazing. Can't wait for more info so I can try it.


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