Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Good Bye?

It's so hard to throw away fabric and books and magazines. Does it make it any easier to donate it or give it away? When do you have too much stuff? Like most quilters, I have enough fabric to last me for the rest of my life. There is a saying, "whoever dies with the most fabric wins". There are lots of other sayings, but I'm sure you've heard lots of them.

I knew it was time to destash when I bought a longarm quilting machine. We had to empty and remove 3 bookshelves that were full. The bookshelves were used to close off the dinngroom from the living room. This is what it looked like when the shelves were removed.

Then I had to find a place for everything and that's when I became ruthless when it came time to decide what to keep and what to let go. This is my foyer with my donations.

I am donating a lot of my magazines and some books to my quilt guild. I do have a bunch of magazines that have my Chanukah patterns or quilts in them. I thought there might be some quilters who would want the Chanukah patterns, so I am offering them for the cost of shipping. If you want one or more, email me and I will send you a PayPal invoice for the shipping cost. I will need your address.

I have 5 of these from McCalls Quilting, 2009

And this is the pattern.

I have 3 of these Quick Quilts, 2008

With a pattern for this:

I have just one of this 2009 Quivk Quilts


With this pattern

One Quilt Life, 2013


With my Frosty Flake pattern

The Love of Quilting, 2009

Has an article about my quilt, Willoway

2 copies of Quilting Arts


With an article about My Motherhood quilt - 2 copies (sorry it's sideways)

2 copies of QNM

Also with my Motherhood quilt

And finally, one copy of The Quilt Life

With an article about my Mexican tile hilts and a pattern for

They are all FREE!! Yes FREE! You just need to pay for shipping. I will ship anywhere n the world. As soon as you email me and let me know your email, which copy (copies) that you want, the cost of shipping will be determined and you will be sent a PayPal invoice.

So please take advantage of my de stashing and help me to not have any regrets!


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