Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Adorable DIY Curvalicious Skirt

The cuteness of this skirt comes from the scalloped hem made using Curvalicious, the fabric (Hawthorne Threads) and of course the model. Curvalicious is available in my Etsy shop. The model is NOT for sale, however her Mother did tell me that she will rent her out for the cuteness factor - just kidding!!!!!

I consulted a bunch of different size charts for measurments to create the skirt. I compared 6 different charts and I have to say the measurements were all over the place. I was only looking for waist and length to knee measurements. So I will not give measurements based on age or size. I recommend that you actually measure the child. There are only 2 measurements and they are easy to take.

Once you have the waist measurement, it is time to figure out the the amount of fabric needed for the scalloped hem. I take the waist measurement and multiply by 1 -1/2. So if the waist measurement is 22", I would need 33" of fabric for the width of the skirt. However, for the scallops to match at the seam where they are joined, the length needs to be a factor of 6. I would increase that number to 36". Then add 1/2" for joining the seam.

This would be what the calculation looks like for the width of the skirt.

1. Waist in inches x 1.5

2. Increase that number so it is divisible by 6

3. Add 1/2"

For the length of the skirt body, measure to the knee and subtract 1"

You will also need 3/4" non- roll elastic that is 1" shorter that the waist measurement


Cut two strips for the scalloped border, 4" x width of skirt

CUt the skirt body based on the above measurements and calculations

DIRECTIONS - skirt border

1. Place the 2 strips of the border fabric right sides together and fold in half

2. Place Curvalicious as close to 1 edge as possible and cut along the edge with a 28 mm rotary cutter

3. Unfold and pin the 2 strips right sides together. Sew 1/4" from the curved edge.

4. Clip the inner curves

5. Turn right sides out and using something like a bamboo knitting needle, smooth out the curves, press.

6. Cut fusible 2" circles and. Place them with the ruler.

Press in place and carefully open up the border and stitch in place with a blanket stitch. Tie off the threads.

I encased the raw edges when putting the skirt together.

7. Place the border on top of the skirt body, wrong sides together. ( yes, wrong sides together)

8. Stitch with a 1/4" seam allowance

9. Trim the allowance to 1/8"

10. Press this open and then press on the other side

11. Now fold it so the right sides are otgether and stitch with a 3/8" seam allowance.

12. Top stitch down along the seam

DIRECTIONS - skirt body

1. To sew the side seam together, follow the directions above starting with folding the skirt together with wrong sides facing.

2. Prepare for elastic insertion by first pressing 1/2" along the top edge to the inside

3. Fold over 1" and press again

4. Top stitch along the casing from the inside with a matching thread in the bobbin, leaving a 1" opening for inserting the elastic

5. Insert the elastic with a safety pin, being careful not to lose the free end.

6. Overlap the elastic ends and stitch across twice about 1/2" from each other

7. If possible, check the fit first and make any adjustments in the elastic. Stitch the opening in the waistband to close it.

8. Tada! Finished and ready for your own adorable model.

For more ideas for a Curvalicious hem, visit HERE


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