Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hello Long Island!

I grew up on Long Island and had a very nice upbringing. This is a current photo of my house that I snagged from Zillow. It has certainly been updated.

North Woodmere is located on the south shore, pretty close to NYC. Many people took the LIRR ( Long Island Railroad) to work in the city. My friends and I often took it to hang out there. Very rarely did I head to the eastern end of Long Island. The properties were either potato farms or summer communities. I left for college when I was 16, and during that time my parents sold the house and moved to a retirement community in NJ!

I was looking forward to head back to LI to visit the Eastern Long Island Quilters Guild (ELIQG) and check out the East End, as they call it. Wow! It was so bucolic. I stayed with a friend of mine, who was also in charge of programs.

The first night I arrived, we went into this sweet little town of Port Jefferson, right on th LI Sound. You can catch a ferry boat to a couple of different places in CT.

I just loved this tugboat.

Roberta's husband is quite knowledgable about boats, so we had a nice tour of the harbor.

My friend, Roberta, has started a business as a vendor at quilt shows. She has set up one of her bedrooms as a shop. It was located right across from the room I was staying in.

Can you see the drool dripping down my chin? She had just received fabric from the latest Tula Pink collection. I had to buy some plus a bit more.

I'm glad I don't sleepwalk. She also sells on line at She carries lots of Kaffe fabrics, as well as Glorious Hexagons paper piecing packages.

As we drove to the workshop on Wednesday morning, heading east, there were many vineyards and farmstands. It was too early in the morning to stop, but I couldn't resist this photo op.


They chose the silk Curvalicious workshop. I love this workshop because the ladies get pretty far into the project, learn lots about working with silk and Curvalicious. It is a very ironing intensive workshop and Oops! We blew the circuit. Those little irons pull a lot of current. This led to very creative ironing stations, wherever we could find outlets not on the same circuit.



At the end of the day, here's our group! Nice job.



  1. marywingate34@gmail.comSeptember 15, 2016 at 6:20 PM

    Hi Cheryl and welcome to Long Island NY!! I am a native Long Islander as well, still live here, currently in the town of Smithtown. Sorry I didn't know you would be here but I'm not an ELIQG member. Enjoy your visit, the weather is great now!! I look forward to following your blog.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful retreat and nice memories for you.
    My parents were from Amagansett, then it was homes and families, never thought of it as the hamptons, lol.
    My grandmother had two homes, a winter one and a cottage in the back, so we spend time in both, depending on the year and she would rent the other out.


  3. Hi Cheryl -- love the iron on the foosball table! Creative ladies. Their silk projects look terrific! Love that you could take some time to see the sights too and relax just a bit. I've never been to Long Island and I can see why so many are wanting to live "outside" the city!

  4. What a lovely visit! And way to go, Roberta. Will check out her site-thanks for the link. Irons always seem to be a big issue in classes. Glad you got it sorted out. The results are looking good.


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