Thursday, October 20, 2016

Need a Creativity Boost?

I'm often asked, when I run dry of excitement and interest in quilting, what do I do. I have to do something because I have shelves full of fabric, several sewing machines and so many commitments. I never run out of ideas, but it's the impetus to take those ideas and turn them into a quilt, that sometimes becomes difficult. So, what do I do? Sometimes I just wring my hands and worry. Sometimes I visit with other quilters. Sometimes I just get in the car and go some place. Sometimes the trips are well planned. Sometimes the trips are to a museum. Sometimes the trip is a spur of the moment.

This post is FULL of photos, because I want you to share my excitement. I'm still vibrating. Yesterday I took a trip to Luna Parc. It's only opened to the public several days a year. It has been on my calendar for a long time. It's an artistic wonderland filled with so much "stuff". I couldn't wait to walk up the drive. I was not disappointed.

Ricky Boscaro is the artist behind Luna Parc. He's an artist and a craftsman. He calls himself an itinerant artist. He's a jeweler. He's a potter. He's a metalworker and a welder. He's a woodworker. He's a painter. He creates mosaics and sculptures from created and found objects. He works with cement. Is there something I forgot? And, oh yeah, in addition to that he's a collector who collects everything and anything.

Bailey and I roamed the outdoor grounds along with other visitors. I'll just share photos. They speak for themselves.

There were limited tickets for the house tour. I'll post those photos another day since I 'm having trouble with them appearing in my photo gallery. But believe me, they are worth waiting for - a bathroom covered in mosaics, handcrafted wooden stairs, collections of egg slicers, eye cups, taxidermist animals and the most gorgeous stained glass windows I have ever seen plus a view of the house before Ricky started his "decorating".

This visit was such a gift. A gift that will last for a long time. Other than the photos of all these treasures and this sensory experience, I bought myself a real gift, a piece of jewelry crafted by Ricky. The pedals and the wheels move. This man is a genius. His attention to detail is so admirable.

I was fascinated and energized by everything, especially the mosaics and the mosaic sculptures. I see one in my future, whether it be made from tiles or fabric. I'm vibrating with ideas. My creative juices are flowing and I am definitely recharged.

So if you're feeling uninspired or just blah about making art or making quilts, take a little trip.


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  1. Just a little inspiration there!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. Very "Cheryl"! I imagine this is what your dreams look like. Love the little bike.

  3. amazing! i love the blue bottle building

  4. I'll have the little chalet, thank you. June Bug

  5. Have you visited the mosaic garden on South St in Philadelphia? Also inspirational.

  6. Cheryl, One of the places that always re-energizes me, both spiritually and artistically, is a trip to Santa Fe, and a long, slow walk along Canyon Rd. If you haven't been there yet, consider adding it to your "must see" destinations. Sandra Darlington


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