Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Field Trip!

Who would have thought there would be such an amazing exhibit of Chihuly glass in Reading, PA? I should not have been surprised. Reading is the fifth largest city in PA and also home to GoggleWorks, a factory building turned into artists' studios.

The Reading Public Museum is host to the Chihuly: Venetians Exhibit until January 8, 2017. The glass works came from the George Stroemple collection in Oswego, Oregon. There are 60 pieces of blown glass which were done in collaboration with Murano Italian glass artists Lino Tagliapietra and Pino Signoretto that were created in the late '90s. There was a wonderful video showing these Masters turning glass into liquid taffy at the entrance to the exhibit. Here's a snippet of a video:

Many of them were large amazing pieces of art. My favorite ones, however, in this exhibit were his piccolo, smaller series.




It's just amazing how they coil the glass. You have to watcmake h the video.

Here's one of the flatter pieces that I liked. The color is so rich and deep.

There were other galleries in the museum. I am a big fan of religious art. It's usually about the shape of the frame.


This one is Russian and is a combo of a metal repousse and a painting.

I also loved the gift shop. I found lots of beautiful items made by local artists that were very reasonably priced as well as other items. I did some damage and got a great tip from the gift shop manager for a restaurant for lunch - Say Cheese. It was in West Reading with lots of cute shops.

It was indeed yummy. I love topping off a cultural visit with food.

And this was my favorite window eye candy. Wouldn't that be a great view outside your window?



  1. That looks like a wonderful place to visit, the art glass is beautiful. Looks like a fun way to spend the day.


  2. What a fun trip! I haven't been to Reading since the early 90's, when we would take a bus load to the outlets! I think these photo's are just scratching the surface of what was seen. I love the way the colors and shapes make you want to turn your head, even in a photo to see around the curves of these pieces. :)

  3. That video 'blows' my mind. I might try to see that exhibit. Our old stomping ground! Do I see a mosaic lizard quilt in your future?

  4. Thanks for taking me along on your trip... visually!

  5. Watched the video- thanks for the link. How they translate those drawings into those pieces is beyond me, but I'm so glad they get it! Wonderful exhibit, and your side trip to West Reading looks great, too. There is a Chihuly museum in St. Petersburg, FL, but very few pieces there. We saw Chihuly in the Garden at the Desert Museum in Phoenix twice. Just wonderful.

  6. I have seen the Chihuly exhibit in Seattle. Outdoor exhibits as well there. Beautiful pieces........

  7. Hi Cheryl
    I just finished watching the Chihuly video... and your tutorial for the baby quilt (both of which were very inspirational)So much so that I'm thinking of ordering your curvalicious ruler even tho I had a chance to do so when you spoke at my guild.(Village Squares Quilters in Scarsdale NY)
    Carole Hoffman

  8. We have a lot of Chihuly around Colorado; in shops in Vail, etc. I just love his work!! I follow your Hebrew/Jewish patterns the most and have been following you on IG for a short time now! Happy 2017!


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