Sunday, December 11, 2016

Gift Bag Recycling


I accumulate gift bags. They are either bags that I buy, bags that I receive or bags from purchases at stores. I just hate to throw them away. I have even come p with a way to store them so they aren't overflowing out of my cabinets.

It's a rack made for baking sheets. It works great to store the multi sized bags and tissue paper.

I had 2 gifts that I needed to package and I just happened to have 2 kraft paper bags in my bag stash.

After cutting up a bunch of strips from green fabric

And ironed fusible web to the back side, to the count of 10.


I cut them and played with the strips to make a tree. Then ironed them to the bag.

I added some bling in the form of sequins and seed bees .

Added my gift and some tissue for a great presentation.

Sometimes it's as much fun to make the wrapping as it is to make the gift.



  1. Good post-- gave me an idea. That rack could hold longarm rulers!

  2. What a great idea. I too can not toss (any) still serviceable bag. (It's genetic for me.)

  3. Totally great ideas- I have a ton of plain white gift bags from when i was doing baby burpee cloths to sell. And I have a pillow that I have 2 reindeer on & I wanted to put a tree on there but got stymied on how to proceed. I think your fused strip idea is fantastic for it. I would sign up but I am horrible at reading emails. Do you have a FB??? Please respond to my yahoo as I never open the gmail. reenainchina.


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