Thursday, February 9, 2017

Before & After

We have 2 mismatched ceiling fans on our first floor. They are only about 12 feet from each other.
They were like this when we bought the place. Not only are the light fixtures different, but the fan blades are different - natural wood and white! Who would do this? This was the year I was going to fix this. Buying new matching ceiling fans was not on the agenda and who needs more stuff in the land fill, especially here on this little island?
I love decorative painting and I love polka dots and luckily I have a partner in crime, who is willing to work with me. The blades were removed from the fans and were made to look alike. I gave them both a coat of white paint and added key lime polka dots! So adorable and so Key West.
And replacing them was my "handy man". The blades need to be balanced for the fan to spin without wobbling. Would you think about weighing them to make sure they weighed the same?
This looks so much better.
Just enough flavor of the island. Speaking of island flavor, here are a couple of sights from the last couple of days.
We have a resident iguana. It's a big one. Here he or she is at the edge of the pool. Luckily there was a fence separating Bailey from the iguana. She was barking like crazy, but the iguana did not move.
And check out this adorable VW Beetle. A Barbie car? Is it about cupcakes? Whichever one, it's unmistakenly visible, especially for you pink lovers.

I hate to gloat because a snowstorm is hitting PA, but it's just another week in Paradise!


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  1. Love the blades! Missing the snowstorm as well...but we're out in park City getting a dose of skiing in real snow.

  2. great fan re-do
    I'm still dreaming of that car. Gloat away - we got 20 inches!


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